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MTM Manufacturing Title II Manufacturer of Firearms

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MTM-MFG is a federally licensed class II manutacturer of firearms specializing in machine guns, suppressor systems, and other NFA weapons for the purpose of demonstration, training, logistics, and sales to police departments and government agencies.

Machine Guns, Suppressors, and other NFA weapons and services include...

Transferable Machine Guns

Post-86 Machine Guns


MTM-MFG offers many services aside from the machine guns, suppressors, etc...such as..

New York Gunsmithing / Compliance Mods
Prices are for labor, parts would be extra unless provided.

MTM-MFG does it right the first time, with a reasonable turn around time.

We meet or exceed NYS requirements in our compliance gunsmithing for adhering to NYS law.

-Pin stock ($35)
-Weld Muzzle Brake/Comp ($45)
-Remove Bayonet Lugs ($25)


-Complete AWB compliance package
(all 3 above) - $90


Machine Gun Rentals

Stuck in a state that doesn't allow the fun stuff like machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles...or you don't feel like traveling all the way to Knob Creek or Vegas to shoot one? Well , why not come with us to Eden (Eden, Vermont!)
On the 3rd weekend of every month, come rain or shine, we will be shooting and making some thunderous full auto fire. We would like to invite you to come with us on a shoot.
While at the shoot, your able to buy additional ammo at a reduced rate.
Enjoy shooting that AK-74 Krinkov, or MG-42? No problem, we have plenty of ammo on hand. If you ever wanted to shoot a machine gun and not have to join the military to do so, this is the best opportunity ever. For $799 (+7% tax), you will be able to shoot ONE THOUSAND rounds of various calibers through our machine guns, and do we have the selection for you to try out...Anyone that is a US citizen, over age 18, and NOT a felon, are welcomed on our trips.
Upon arrival you will sign off on a disclaimer/waiver.
Feel free to contact Mike at [email protected] with any questions or if you want to reserve your slot for the next outing we have scheduled.

Police Gun Trade in Program

Does your department have any old or outdated department issue guns, or unwanted and nuisance firearms taken off the street? Whether it be long guns (rifles/shotguns) or pistols, MTM-MFG is interested in helping out.
Take those old guns sitting in the armory and turn them into new AR-15 patrol rifles or shotguns. Why pay for destruction of guns when you can use them to get some nice M4 style Carbines for your department?
Not only do we handle rifles, shotguns and pistols, but we are also able to upgrade your old beat up AR15/M4 magazines and can provide the latest offerings in the industry available by Magpul, the PMag. Or if you like, standard USGI military issue style aluminum conventional magazines we can do that too!
Feel free to contact us, as we look forward to helping the law enforcement community out as best as possible.
For inquiries regarding the Police Gun Trade In Program, contact
[email protected]
Aside from our standard production run AR-15s, MTM-MFG also provides a custom build service. Being a manufacturer, MTM is able to legally build the rifle of your dreams. This is not a service you can get at a normal gun store, as there are very few 07 FFLs, particularly in New York State, and even less that offer NY-legal configured rifles.

It doesnt matter if your budget is $800 or $8000, we will do our very best to produce the slickest and most useful rifle for whatever your application of it may be.
You can pick the components or tell us what your general wishes are and leave it to us.

-Target rifles
-Tactical M4 carbines
-Full auto entry guns for a SWAT team
-Simple range plinker
-Varmint rifles
-14.5, 16, 18, 20 inch barrels..
-Carbines, Middys, Rifle lengths...
-6.8, 300 AAC Blackout, 22LR, 50 Beowulf, 5.45x39, .308WIN, no problem!
-Military rifle clones both current issue and retro...

No matter the configuration, caliber, barrel length, we can build it.

For MTM-MFG Custom AR-15 sales, contact [email protected]

Below is one example of our custom builds that we have done...

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