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I understand writing a letter to a news outlet is like pissing in the wind, but, hey, gotta do something, right?

This was just a quick letter I sent them after reading some of their latest articles. Their 'coverage' is gross and reads like a high school columnist, with subjective views and manipulative writing style, not to mention pictures; where they show the most creepy pictures they can muster and militant groups marching. I used to read on occasion, but I can't stomach it anymore.

Anywho, onto the show;

To Whom it Concerns,

I am writing in the knowledge that it will probably we lost in a wash of thousands of comments, criticisms, and angry letters; but writing none the less. i used to be an avid reader of your reports here; I use was in the past-tense because I no longer count myself among that group. Your journalism these days is, in my opinion, self-serving, manipulative, and subjective. I will tell you I am also a gun owner, and your coverage since the Aurora and CT shootings has been deplorable. Most of your 'coverage' of gun issues has read like a personal opinion column; with many of said columns containing subjective feelings on the subjects. Your article, "Why would someone own a military-style rifle?," for example, cites a quote from a CNN commenter; this is hardly a legitimate or valid source to be using in an article on such a currently volatile subject. Not to mention I've read the comments that go along with these articles; they're made by people on the extreme sides of the issues, most of whom just sound uninformed. The slide show that accompanies said article is also less-than-subjective; the second photo alone shows a man clearly intended to look menacing, and the follow-ups are none better. And this is just one article.

Your news outlet also has few articles on mental health, the role of parents in a child's life, public safety outside of gunlaws, or anything else that pertains the CT shooting. I understand gun laws are the hot button issue at the moment, but this news outlet, and countless others, and doing this country and disservice by manipulating them in the wrong direction and towards what gets everyone worked up into a frenzy. History repeats itself over and over again; Columbine, Virginia Tech, and countless others over even just the last 20 years. And every time it's the same; guns, video games, violent media. There are other factors at work here, but of course laying the blame elsewhere is easier, and sells subscriptions.

I don't disapprove of the idea of giving a point of view. I welcome it. Just because I own guns doesn't mean I want to see everyone agree with that stance. However, the light your outlet brings to it is the wrong one. Because of these reasons, I no longer count myself among your readership.

And what I think is most unbiased of all is that there are plenty of articles these days, not just from CNN but all over, on gun owners, but none on the mental healthcare system, the role of family and community in our kids' lives, public safety, or anything that should be important. No one WANTS to be told their child exhibits warning signs; and in our brave, new PC culture, no one would tell them anyway, for fear of backlash and lawsuits. No one wants to examine how the home life affects kids, and that maybe, just maybe, their homelife was less than ideal. And no one wants to admit that public safety is at an all-time low; there are less police officers, yet more people, and more places to cover. Wayne LaPierre's statement, though poorly delivered, wasn't necessarily wrong; maybe not armed security guards in every school, but more cops, or whatever it takes, because clearly what we're doing isn't working.

The problem is that seeing armed officers and heightened measures reminds people that they're not safe; that's what this whole thing is about. People not feeling safe. And the way to lash out at that is to go after a tangible, external source; gun owners, in this case. It was the same as going after Muslims after 9/11. And every time you break the public's little safety bubble, they want something 'to be done.' That's almost verbatim what Cuomo's latest statement was; "Just do something. Make progress." Whether it makes sense or not.

So, I, personally, am done arguing with these sorts of people. If someone wants to believe that taking away all guns will make this country 100% crime free, let them; I'm tired of making the same arguments, citing statistics, citing how it doesn't work for the UK and other states, because there's no reasoning with fear. Fear is what's ruling this country, and instead of looking inward to themselves, people are crying out to the Powers That Be to save them. We all know, however, that this isn't the first time this has happened; not even this year. I urge everyone to write letters where it counts, and vote carefully, and speak with your wallet. Don't bother engaging with people on internet boards that are just shooting their mouth off from their cozy little living room who probably have never shot a gun in their life. My next stop is to write my state representatives.
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