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Anyone who is seriously interested in long range precision rifle work really needs to have a reference library.

This library should include;

Understanding Firearms Ballistics by Robert A. Rinker

This 300+ page book presents the world of ballistics in an understandable format with a minimum of math. There are plenty of diagrams and tables to help the reader really grasp some important concepts associated with ballistics.

To Be A Military Sniper by Gregory Mast and Hans Halberstadt

This 140+ page book takes the reader inside the U.S. Army and the U.S.M.C. Sniper schools and shows the tasks, conditions and standards of their training. It is filled with color photographs and is a fascinating read.

The Ultimate Sniper by Maj. John L. Plaster

This 500+ page book is a compendium of Sniper/Precision Rifle Shooting information. It is big and well-illustrated.

Fry the Brain by John West

This 400+ page book is absolutely the best book on the subject of Urban Sniping and is filled with great information. (Just be sure to skip chapter #9 where the author goes goofy on the JFK assassination.)

There are scores of other books and field manuals associated with the art and science of Sniping/Long Range Precision Shooting. I've found that compiling a library on the subject to be an enjoyable dimension to my hobby.
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