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Hello boys, I have never fired a single gun in my life but want to... here are my questions... If someone can help me out with 1 or 2, or all of them, that would be great~! And I thank you ahead of time and look forward to your thoughts and answers.
  1. How much does it cost to get a pistol permit? I live in Onondaga County. (Liverpool NY).
  2. What types of permits are there? I just want to go to the range, don't really want to shoot anything accept my in laws : ).
  3. How long does it take to get a permit?
  4. Do I need a permit if I just want to buy a sporting rifle / shotgun from a place like Dicks sporting goods?
  5. If I do buy a shotgun from Dicks, can I use that at the shooting range? Or is it just handguns?
  6. If I can't shoot at a range with a shotgun, where can I go to legally fire my weapon?
Growing up, my parents didn't allow me to have anything to do with guns. Even when your 6 years old and you get the cop set with the badge, and vest, they would take the gun out of the package before I got it!!!! But I have always been interested in firearms... Love cannons!!! Once I buy my 1st firearm, I do plan on taking a class or 2 on safety and handling. So anything you guys can tell a newbie would be great... Thank you

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  1. Price varies from county to county but it's around $120 total
  2. Generally two. Restricted to hunting and target shooting and then Unrestricted (full carry)
  3. They have 6 months to approve or deny you
  4. No permit is needed but you will have to do a NICS check
  5. It would depend on the specific range as to what they allow to be shot at their facility
  6. Friends property, family members property, state land. There are lots of places to shoot
Check the pistol pistol permit section for more specific info for onondaga county

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Before you get too deep make sure to connect with someone experienced and a responsible firearm owner. Besides the standard and basic training a good mentor is a very good thing. Go to a local range and there you might find senior folks that will guide you. Also you might be invited to watch and learn. As you progress you will find out if this is your thing and what disciplines you will enjoy more. Start getting informed about the pistols but do not rush into that. Buy a small caliber rifle and start that way, inexpensively and learn all the basics. The pistol permits take a long time these days in most NY. 6 to 9 to 12 months depending where you are.
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