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An FFL or Federal Firearms License is a must if you want to make or repair firearms, if is also equally necessary if you deal with firearms or sell then or if you deal with buying firearms too. Let us first briefly deal with the historical aspect of the Federal Firearms License or the FFL License. The FFL License was instituted to execute a certain act; this act was the Federal Firearms Act of 1938.
This Federal Firearms act wanted the manufacturers and dealers of firearms to have a license as they receive or they themselves dispatched firearms and ammunition, to other persons which lived in the other states, but for all these things to happen certain conditions had to be fully met. This act was however was revoked mainly as another act came into picture back then, and this was the Gun Control Act of 1938.
So, in order to obtain a Federal firearms License, certain conditions have to be fulfilled, you need to be eligible to obtain the License, in this article we deal with few of the criteria required to get hold of a Federal Firearms Licenses, these conditions are as follows:
Age: In order to obtain the FFL License or the Federal Firearms License, you need to be older than 21 years of age. This age matters as maturity comes naturally, and by this age you can really decide if you are really enterprising, and whether you could deal with the business of firearms.
Laws: You should not have broken the gun control laws or violated it or any of its rules, by breaking the regulations you yourself cannot get an FFL License so you have to understand that rules are meant to be followed.
Premises: You ought to have certain premises, a building, an office or a place where you would be conducting your business of firearms fluently. This rule is also very important.
Disclosure of facts and information: You should completely describe thorough and true facts and information about yourself in your FFL Application, failing to do so will only let the ATF disapprove your application.
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