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A couple questions with base and rings.

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Ok im going with a new setup on my Remington 700 sps in .308. I am ordering this scope Bushnell tactical 10x40 URL Now i am stuck on what size rings to get and to go with a 20moa base or flat. I ASSUME i should stick with low rings but what rings can i get for around $50 that are not garbage? And i was going to get the EGW 1 piece base but should i get the 20moa or standard flat? I plan to zero in at 100yd and shoot most of the time from 100yd to 500yd but occasionally up to 1000yd. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Also should i go mil/mil or mil/moa on scope? I dont even see the mil/mil scope listed on the bushnell website?
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Leupold PRW or QRW? Steel, and good quality.
That mil/mil bushnell is exclusive to midway. I have the same scope. I like it alot so far.
Scope mounting hardware is critical. Don't scrimp on this.

I'd strongly suggest Badger Ordnance products in general. This will blow the target cost of $50 away but think of this as an investment that will pay off in ways you can't even imagine today.

By all means get a mil/mil scope if possible.

The Bushnell tactical 10x40 has a 1-inch tube diameter and a 40mm objective so I'd suggest a pair of the Badger30mm Scope Rings (standard height, 0.823", P/N: 306-08, steel) with a pair of ring reducers (P/N: 306-12, steel). Eventually you'll want to upgrade your glass and when you do you'll have the option to go to a scope with a 30mm tube.

For a base I'd suggest the Badger Scope Rail, Remington, (P/N: 306-06, short action, 20moa cant). You really will need the 20moa additional elevation adjustment if you plan to shoot past 500-yards.

Keep in mind that although the Badger Scope Rail has near perfect geometry your Remington M700 probably doesn't. So to avoid bending the base during installation you'll need to bed it with epoxy. This is a simple exercise and will prevent any dreaded "ring marks" on your scope tube due to misaligned rings caused by a bent base.

Badger Base Movement on Remington 700 - YouTube
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