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Up for sale is my Glock 17 Gen 4 in 9mm.

All original except for the addition of TruGlo TFO (Tritium + Fiber Optic) sights.

Comes with everything you see except the ammo. So, the gun, case, extra grips, grip tool, 3 NY compliant magazines (FUAC), magazine loader, lock, brass from the test fire, and the original Glock sights. Also includes the owner's manual, but that is not shown.

This pistol is a year old (purchased 3/6/14), and as you can see is in perfect condition - no scratches or marks. I ran about 600 rounds through it, maybe a few rounds of +P, but otherwise all standard pressure loads. It has worked flawlessly for me - has never misfed anything.

Reason for selling: I just can't get used to the grip angle and the trigger. I know I can alter both, but I bought a Walther PPQ which is working out perfectly for me. I don't need two striker fired polymer guns that are roughly the same size.

Price is $475. If you don't want the TruGlo sights, the price is $425 (I'll remount the original sights as best I can but won't sight it in).

If you are in Monroe County or one of the adjacent counties, I can meet you at your FFL. Otherwise, add $25 for shipping from my FFL to yours.

Payment must be made in the form of a postal money order (if we should meet face to face then cash works too…).

PM me with questions.

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