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6.5 Creedmoor help

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I am looking for a savage model 12 long range percision in 6.5 creedmoor. I am having one heck of a time finding one. Would like a new not use one. So if you know of a shop that has one or you have one your self let me know. Thanks for the help
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I have to admit, a lot of the esoteric stuff regarding the nuances of this cal v. that cal elude me, as I'm not that good a shooter to particularly notice the difference, but it's refreshing that the politics revolve around physics, rather than politics. Damn. I miss the old days.

and I just finished watching the Magpul DVD on long range precision, and guys hit n18" plates at a mile with a .308 (with cans) somewhere in West Texas. Wish we could do that. FUAC! FUNYC!
As a builder of high capacity Savage magazines for this rifle, I have been asked many times to find the LRP in 6.5 CM for clients that don't want to have me build a full custom rig. None of my wholesalers ever seem to have them in stock. I have found a few used for sale so they aren't quit as elusive as the mythical unicorn - but almost.

If you are set on the CM and can't find a factory rig I suggest grabbing a 308 and changing the barrel to the CM. Several prefits are available that would keep the cost down.
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