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BigBore, I like patch boxes, big and small, wood or brass, they add a touch of class......., if done right. The open work on the surround creates its own set of problems, but nothing insurmountable, and besides, I like problem solving;)!
On the sights, yes shiny sights 'can' be a problem, but I file a small angle at the apex that is somewhat dull in the open and reflects enough light in the darkened woods that even I, with old man eyes, can pick it up. The trigger guard was cut, re-sectioned, brazed back together and reshaped to reflect the same guard that Beck might have used.
You would be hard pressed to find an early Virginia rifle with Iron furniture as iron was a dear commodity and brass was the common usage for such items. I know of no early Virginia rifle in existence, working man or otherwise that employs iron furniture. However, I firmly believe that it is your gun and you should make it the way you see fit. I have seen a few reproductions in that style using iron, or steel, and they are indeed very pleasing to the eye!! best to you in your endeavor.
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