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Freon is a better investment then gold, the prices have gone up 400% in the last year alone and will continue to rise as the EPA phases it out and reduces the allowed amount to be produced each year.

Check the price here on $478.00 (Plus Shipping)
And try to find a supplier with better prices!
Link -->

$350.00 FTF ONLY, I will not ship
There have been some who raised a concern about me selling this without the proper credentials, let me set the record straight on this. I was a master auto tech for 25 years and have the training and certification to repair a/c systems and purchase freon, that's how I was able to purchase this. When I posted this can of freon, I certainly did not think anyone other then someone in the repair business would be interested in shelling out this kind of money for a can of freon, what's the average joe going to do with a $350 can of freon? I guess I shouldn't assume, (we know what that makes me) so let me make it clear, I will only sell this to those who are in the business of repairing a/c or those who can show me their certifications. I hope this puts everyone at ease.

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