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finally got these two finished up today at the shop...

Ive been wanting to build a number of military style clones for a while now. Over the course of the last year or so ive been collecting parts here and there. Finally 2 of my 4 twenty inch rifles planned are complete. Ive got a Colt 14.5 thats going to be finished up in the next week or two. Its got some well used / loved parts , but it adds quite the character.

Now the parts break down on these two...

-FN upper recievers (keyhole F forge code markings)
-FN barrel assemblies (2000-2003 dated mfg)
-Colt BCG on the one, the other is unmarked
-Delaware Machinery lowers (nice TIGHT fit)
-PSA LPK build kits with PSA A2 buttstocks

One AR has a M203 style handguard. That rifle will eventually get a Cobray 37mm launcher when I find one and ive got the cash for it...
The other AR has standard A2 handguards (OLD ones, pretty beat too). It wears a Trijicon Reflex optic. The optic is pretty well used also. Again a DOE trade in from what ive been told.

Ive even got a few FN mfg 30rnd mags on hand. I wish I had the FN BCGs but they are hard to find, and carry a premium of course, just as Colts do.

Sorry for the crappy cell picture. Maybe ill snap some nice new pics tomorrow or the next day outside if its not raining...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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