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wanna sell these as lot for a wholesale price will trade for ammo or long-arms also
parted out these are worth 1100 plus in shown conditions

lighters include
pro football hall of fame zippo from 1991 induction ceremony ( 40-60)
50th anniversary zippo with original box (box is worth over 50 alone) worth 100-240
65th anniversary zippo new in box (valued at 100-240$)
Yankees mlb licensed nib (valued at 35)
1946-1947 3 barrel hinge chrome polished zippo (rare) valued at 100
solid brass indian in headdress used 20-25
clone st dupont lighter from russia... marked paris (value of original is over 1700, this is a place holder for hi end collectors but functions and is buit to spec so can be used as parts for original lighters)
cattlemen association zippo 1956 if i remember correct (75$)
camel cigs polished brass zippo (30-40)
sturgis officail comermarative lighter (think it was 2006 or 7) 40-50$
hi polish chrome 1979 date code error in fairly good condition (50-80$)

plus many more as shown in photos

cross posted, great for resale
asking 365$ will ship free and accept paypal (asking one third of appraised value so no real low offers please)
about half all lighters are dated pre1980s (zippos use date codes)

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possible trades include
dual barrel Verona 405 semi 12 gauge
nice 223 bolt
2x 440 round tins 5.56
22magnum or 17hmr hmr2 bolt or semi
metal preban (external dates )
beater ar
decent ak based rifle (any caliber other than 12 guage)
most long arms marked norinco
or try me (try to value it around 375 at least please)
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