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Anyone here follow any of the shooting events in the Olympics?

Kim Rhode - Women's Skeet
Matt Emmons - Men's 10m Air Rifle, 50m 3P Rifle
Josh Richmond - Men's Double Trap
Eric Uptagrafft - Men's 50m Rifle Prone
Jame Gray - Women's 10m Air Rifle, 50m 3P Rifle
Sara Scherer - Women's 10m Air Rifle
Johnathan Hall - Men's 10m Air Rifle
Daryl Szarenski - Men's 10m Air Pistol
Jason Turner - Men's 10m Air Pistol <-- Rochester's very own

Spots still open:
Men's Skeet x2
Men's Double Trap
Men's 50m Rifle Prone
Men's Rapid Fire Pistol x2
Men's 50m 3P Rifle
Men's 50m Free Pistol
Women's 50m 3P Rifle
Women's Sport Pistol

I'm hoping that Matt Emmons doesn't blow it, again, this year. I'm also hoping that Sandy Fong can get the nomination for that last Women's 3P Rifle spot.

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Had a chance to shoot International Trap with Kim Rhode back in the 90's at the Old Pachmyere gun club in southern California. She was an super great shot back then as a kid and beat everyone on our squad of 6. Her 2nd shot on the target was quicker than most of our 1st shots, a total blast.
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