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I'm selling my 87 Dakota or preferably trading it (or trade plus cash)

1987 Dodge Dakota
Extended bed
164,164 Miles
Runs and drives
Clean title

New parts:
Power steering pump
Power steering belt
Transmission mount
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Distributor cap
Distributor rotor
Air filter
Leaf spring bushings

Rear bumper (easy to find in a junk yard or even to make your own, probably could use this one as long as the license plate lights are fixed.)
One U-Joint needs to be replaced. (I have all 3 joints I just haven't been able to replace them.
Not so major but the tailgate has to be opened from inside the bed since the handle isn't connected. I didn't really look into why.
Might need a battery. Runs fine if you jump start it let it run, shut it off and try to start it again.

Set of four Goodyear Fortera Tripletred tires, They are 275/55R17's I was going to put them on the truck because I had planned to use it for the winter to bring my snowmobile up north but it didn't snow much this year so I didn't bother. They will need new wheels to put on though. The tires cost $260 each from tire rack new. I've seen wheels that would fit the tires go for decently cheap.

It would make for a good work truck, parts hauler, a zombie assault vehicle(that was one of my friends plans if he bought it),
Parts are CHEAP for this truck, plus it gets pretty good gas mileage, it's carbureted, and if you want to do a lift on it you can use many parts from older Dodge Ram's.
Also the front bumper/lip in the picture will be fixed. I had and idiot friend try to take the lip off because he wanted it for his car even after I told him not to.
Asking $1000

Might be interested in partial trades for a .308 rifle, 45 ACP reloading supplies, AR parts, etc. but mainly looking for cash.

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Alright so this is back up for sale at a new price! 600 or trade for a .308 plus some cash. (remington 700 ADL, stevens 200, other rifles along those lines)

Still needs the U joints and rear bumper(if you even care about the bumper)
Has a new alternator and ignition coil
Tail gate now opens.
Runs fine just has a problem at low rpm's under load because the PCV valve is shot and I really don't feel like buying more parts for it.

Vid of it starting up and running:

Newer Pictures:

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