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Sound familiar? Letter to the Editor of the Palmyra Courier-Journal, April 4, 1968:

The Wayne County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc. campaign against restrictive firearm legislation has met with great public sentiment. We are receiving more and more questionnaires daily.

Questionnaires are being received from a great cross-section of citizens, elderly ladies that live alone, doctors, lawyers, clergymen, servicemen, Wayne County college students and the average citizen.

Our stand is firm opposing registration of shotguns and rifles as desired by Governor Rockefeller and the New York area legislators. A registration bill has been introduced by 18 New York legislators and Governor Rockefeller. In computing over 2000 questionnaires to date, 99% are opposed to any type of registration of long arms.

It would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the average citizen to own firearms and would do little, if anything, to curb crime. This would also be in direct contradiction to Article Two of the Bill of Rights of our U.S. Constitution.

The proposed legislation would disarm the homeowner but not the criminal and increase the tax burden of all citizens in registration fees and 80 million dollars to implement.

The Sullivan Law has been in force since 1911, which requires all handguns to be registered. This has failed to prevent crimes with unregistered revolvers. Last year 80% of the crimes committed with firearms were unregistered hand guns. A person with the intent to comit [sic] a crime will not register a gun, when he is already breaking several laws. the fines imposed by breaking a firearm law are small. We feel mandatory added penalties for crimes involving firearms would do more to decline the crime rate than registration of shotguns and rifles.

The N.Y. State Sheriff's Ass'n., the Buffalo Police Dept., Assemblyman Joe Finley, State Senator Ted Day, State Majority Leader, Earin W. Brydges, Wayne County Board of Supervisors, and Sheriff James Hurley have gone on record against gun registration proposed.

The Wayne County Federation urges citizens of N.Y. State to write a letter to your legislator urging him to support your right to own, possess, and bear arms in lawful use as assured us by the Article Two of the Constitution of the United States of America.

We thank you for your excellent support!

Robert L. Galusha
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