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As topic states looking to unload this to replace with something else I have my eye on.
Its a 1957 Sino-Soviet "Type 56" SKS with blade style bayonet. It is all matching numbers (bolt, receiver, trigger, stock, gas tube and dust cover) the stock has been refinished as it was in pretty rough shape. I have put approx. 150 rounds through it since I've owned but I'm 100% sure it's had a few thousand. There is no doubt in my mind that this gun was a war issued rifle.
Only things I have done to it since I purchased it from Classic Firearms is change the front sight post to a Tapco "Hiviz" sight and refinished the stock. On to the pictures! FFL arrangements will be worked out with buyer.

picture below shows before and after stock refinishing
before left after right as it sits today.


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