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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    She's signing up for a NYF account so she can post messages to me when she wants me to come to bed. Isn't anything sacred anymore lol... I told her I thought that would be hot... seemed to throw her off the scent trail, ha ha...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Our turn for Xmas Day this year, but I don't mind... Just ordered a 5-rib Black Angus Standing Rib Roast (for 8 adults and several rug rats). Haven't had that in a long while. Wife is trying to figure out sides. As long as there's mashed potatoes in there, I'm good, lol... And I have been...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    OK, so I just bought a bunch of challenge coins from 2A Defender and wanted to give them out to NYF members, lol... So here's the deal, I ordered some, Molan Labe coins, some 2nd Amendment Coins, and some Don't Tread on me Coins. Believe these are all 1oz copper. 15 will be given out. Also...
  4. Introductions
    Hi, went looking around for a NY gun state of mind after all the latest gun ban frenzy going on in the US and NY. Hope you all had a Good X'mas, and looking forward to meeting you all.
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    So what fun shooting related things did you all get for Christmas? I got a safariland 3gun soft case and a copy of Steve Anderson's first dry fire drill book.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    To get into the spirit lets see your tree! We always get ours on the GF's bday but this year we were 2 days late. She was not happy. Just got the lights on and thought about making this thread. I will update with a finished pic tomorrow.
  7. The AR-15
    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build an AR for my father-in-law for Christmas. He has been getting into guns more recently. He has a few of them, albeit it smaller calibers and has had many talks with me about getting an AR-15. He was laid off recently, so he doesn't have the means to buy/build...
  8. Handguns
    Every year I buy myself a gift for xmas, I put a little aside each paycheck 5 10 $$ looking at the Beretta nano did anyone get a chance to shoot one? Still waiting on last years gift the solo so i figure i will give this one a try. Is it me or does this look like a baby glock.
  9. Training
    You gotta love the guys from Tiger Valley!
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    :)Just wanted to shair this. While stationed in Germany in 1964 I was an honarry member of the Bamberg police pistole team and won a silver award. Between Germany and home my medal was lost strayed or stolen,but I still have the cert. that came with it. Two mo. ago while playing with my computer...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    I always wanted one of these Galileo thermometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia saw one at tjmaxx last night, was so excited. Ran to the register with it, when I realized it was damaged. The bulbs were all stuck together at the top with no room to pass each other to adjust temp. There's...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    I want to light a 20 foot tall pine tree in my yard with those "old school" C7 type Christmas lights. I have no idea how to get up there.. anybody got any ideas? Or better yet, can i hire you to do it?
1-12 of 12 Results