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    <RANT> I am yet waiting for the day I have a good experience with windows end to end. I have nice computers, enterprise firewall, routers, enterprise grade software, security suits, and at some point or another windows comes and craps on top. We are in the process of migrating to Centos but we...
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    How much security do they provide if any ? How well do they keep the cold out in the winter months ?
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    anyone know if it is possible to run google chrome from s USB on a windows POS ready 2009 system?
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    I have come across something very weird. My company is running a server with Windows Storage Server 2003. Our D: drive has two folders on it, both are shared. The are named Sales and Shared. When I remote into the server, I can see the Sales folder and everything in it. The Shared folder is...
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    Well, the old Sony hard drive was making a bad clacking noise for the last 2 weeks. Took the jump and ordered a Dell 660s with Windows 8. Setup was easy to connect to my router, basically it was automatic. Navigating the rest was a bit tricky but for the most part it appears to be like my...
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    Anyone use it yet? I'm using it right now for some R&D. Just wondering what people think of it so far.
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    i just bought a new HP computer with windows 7. i came from XP up so a lot of new stuff to me (far from a geek). i take a fair amount of pictures so one of the first things i missed coming from XP was the ole drop down menu with the "move to" option. well with google as my friend i finally found...
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    Someone must have one sitting in their closet. It needs to have a cdrom drive, intel processor or equivalent 1 ghz or higher, usb port, and prefer it be windows xp. It doesn't need internet capabilities, camera, dvd or anything else like that. Why, you ask? I have very sophisticated and...
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    I am pretty sure I saw this sticker on one of the guy's vehicles I was shooting with a couple weeks ago, but I didn't ask about it. Today, I noticed my good buddy has one on his car (he bought it used some time ago) and he has no idea what it means. He thinks it has something to do with a...
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    We all like to get out and train, whether it be fitness, firearms and especially "tactical" training. However, very few people ever train to defend their home and family, let alone train with their family members. Enter Modern Defensive Training Systems' Home and Family Defense Skills training...
  11. Rifles
    kinda got crazy with a mag from allstar and a drill bit and maybe a beer or 3:). the depressions were there, i just decided to open them up lol. think the mag looks rediculous?
  12. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
    Hey all. Who here has the Windows 7 on their machine? Likes or dislikes about it? I'm thinking of installing that on my home pc.
  13. Accessories and Gear
    Gun Timer for about 10% the cost of a decent dedicated shot timer, and can even be used to time dry practice or airsoft practice. I'm going to try it out this weekend and will post a mini-review. Direct to phone download link: