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  1. Rifles
    It's a rare old gun and the action is barely broken in despite a long history of being fired by a few generations of youths since 1915 (including myself). The stock is shot, but I'm putting it in the safe and making a new stock so I can enjoy it. The original stock will be retained for...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I have what I believe is a Winchester Model 1873 WCF 38-40 with an octagon barrel. I was just curious of what the value is for the gun or if anyone knew a good site to look at for that sort of information. Thanks!
  3. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    So quick story, i put a new scope on my New Haven 240c .22 and went out quick this afternoon to sight it in. I had half a box of Winchester Super X and a whole box of CCI Mini-Mag. I've had the Winchester ammo for quite some time and the CCI box was new. I decided to sight it in with the CCI...
  4. Firearms For Sale
    Decided to sell my Winchester 1300 12G Turkey Edition. Its like brand new, maybe have one box of shells fired from it thats all. Comes with a sling. Very nice shotgun for someone who turkey hunts, i dont haha. Price is $350 Call 585-261-1723 if you have any further questions or ask here. Thanks...
  5. Ammunition and Reloading Symbol Number: S22LRT Lot Numbers: GD42L and GD52L Winchester has determined the above lots of 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition may contain double powder charges. Ammunition with double powder charges may subject the shooter or...
  6. Shotguns
    I'm Thinking of buying a Winchester 1300 with Slug Barrel has Synthetic Furniture Great Shape ! Under $300 ! Any Thoughts Would Be Appropriate I Have a Mossberg 500 & Rem 1100 & H&R All 12g But Never Owed Winchester Other than Rifles ! :lurk:
  7. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Looking to upgrade my rimfire collection. Does anyone have any experiance with the 17 win super mag round? My brother has a 17hmr Savage rifle and that is a fun round and crazy accurate. But looking at maybe this new round instead. Anyone have actual experiance that can share if they like it...
  8. Ammunition and Reloading
    Duck hunters: You need this ammo! One case of Winchester Xpert steel 12ga 3in #2 This sells for over $120 case plus shipping if you can find it. Buy it for less here in Oyster Bay. I can only do FTF. One Case is 10 boxes of 25.
  9. Ammunition and Reloading
    Is anyone reloading for an old Winchester 94 30-30? I am interested to know what your favorite load is? I have been using IMR 4064, Winchester primers, Hornady 150 grain interlocks and I'm trying different amounts of powder. The first two in the book didn't give me good results so I'm giving...
  10. Shotguns
    Anyone have any experience with ATI Stocks and fore ends ? Looks to get into this one.
  11. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Does a bolt match rifle thats been modified to accept M-14 mags allow me to possess said magazines?.... or would I be subjected to that awful jail food.
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Am I correct in this assessment? Page 68 in the American Rifleman, the Winchester model 73 holds 10 rounds of .357 Magnum. In that configuration the gun is "UNsafe" compliant (10 round tube). However, the SAME gun also holds 11 rounds of .38 Special which violates the "10 round magazine"...
  13. Ammunition and Reloading
    I am just curious if anyone is using Winchester 748 powder for their 223 loads and how they like it. I have been using Ramshot Tac for the last year and have zero complaints about it.....well maybe one now, I can't find it anywhere. I can get a jug of Winchester 748 that someone recommended but...
  14. Shotguns
    So I have the Winchester PDX12 Defender loaded in my home defense shotgun. The shell contains a 1oz slug preceded by 3 copper plated 00 buck pellets. When I bought the shells I thought that this would be the show stopper in case of a home invasion where lethal force was required. I just stumbled...
  15. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Auburn wal mart has 17 win mag rifles and ammo in stock right now...I'll pass
  16. Handguns
    I just wanted to put this here. Considering the result of the 1986 shootout, and what this video confirms. If you watch his other videos, particularly in 9mm, you would see this round performs rather poorly.
  17. Vendors
    I have 500 rounds of Winchester Ranger LE T-Series .40SW 180gr ammo available. They come in 50 round boxes. $35 per box. Shipping not available. I will however meet at a reasonable distance. I also have Federal .30-06 Game King and Match King in stock as well as Federal .40SW TMJ 50 round boxes...
  18. Ammunition and Reloading
    I just got my 9MM dies in the mail. I set them up, and got the brass out of the tumbler. I've got the following: Winchester Small Pistol Primers Winchester WSF powder 115GR plated round nose projectiles from RMR. The recipe below is what i'm using. I've got the lee dropping 5.0grains of...
  19. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    I just picked up a Winchester 167A youth model, the Barrel is 20" and 34" over-all lenghth. Is this correct for this model? It is the lenght as on of the Ithaca model 49s I have.
1-20 of 93 Results