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  1. Gun.Deals
    Tipton Best Gun Vise - $49.99 + FREE shipping (Record Low)
  2. Gun.Deals
    Tipton Best Gun Vise - $76 + Free Shipping Plano Shooters Case With Gun Rests (X-Large) - $26 Free Shipping
  3. The AR-15
    I sold my old milling setup in favor of an end mill for more accurate machine of other parts. I got into the entire thing because I wanted to make my own 80% lower. Now, I enjoy machining everything. It's a lot of fun and I have some ideas regarding other parts that do not exist! I had no...
  4. Gun.Deals
    San Angelo™ Shooting Vise - $19.99 + Free Shipping with coupon SH956
  5. Gun.Deals
    Tipton Best Gun Vise - $76.99 + Free Shipping Black Friday Caldwell Lead Sled DFT - $99.99 + Free Shipping
  6. The AR-15
    I'm starting my lower build soon so I will need to purchase a mag well vise block, which seems pretty simple and straight forward. I also figure I might as well buy the upper vise block at the same time since some are sold as sets and could save me some money. I see two different types: The...
  7. The AR-15
    Finally received the Stag Lower and am ready to start the assembly process and was wondering if anyone in the rochester area would happen to have the Vise blocks that they would be willing to part with (sell) or possibly let a fellow NYF member borrow. I thought i was going to be able to do it...
  8. Rifles
    Anyone know where I can get one around here? Obviously I can order one from Brownells, but I'm just wondering of there is something local. I need one to install my barrel and flash hider. Perhaps one of you has one sitting around that you're not ever gonna use again and I could buy it from you...
1-8 of 8 Results