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    Good afternoon all.... I've been reading through as much as I can on this site & gleaned some great for that I thank you in advance..... here's my story.... I live in NJ, but recently purchased a weekend place in Ulster the hills, at the end of a long dirt...
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    Relatively new to the forum, happy to be here. I started my Pistol Permit process On September 22 2014, when I handed in my completed application to the Ulster County Pistol Permit clerk (a new lady working with Maureen). My application was received by Judge Cahill and a letter was sent out on...
  3. Pistol Permits
    Hello all, I am new to this forum and did a search but did not turn anything up. I am currently completing my application for CC in Ulster County and wanted to know what some that have already received their permit put in a letter to the judge. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated!
  4. Pistol Permits
    Hi All, Here is the latest on the CC permit in Ulster County DECEMBER 2011. July 2011 Dropped off Application November 2011 Received a letter for Interview December 2011 Interviewed by Hon. Judge Cahill, got approved for a FULL CARRY. I have no arrest record, not even a...