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    Review by EvilRP I recently took the opportunity to train in Camden, TN with Tactical Response in their Fighting Rifle classes. I took down a rifle with the new trigger from Allstar Tactical for evaluation. The trigger itself appears to be very well manufactured and has a competition...
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    I need to learn how to build my own web site. This is something I want to learn how to do myself so I don't have to be dependent upon a third party. I have already purchased a domain name. In exchange I will provide an equal amount of firearms training. I have been employed in the law...
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    anyone know of any good classes in the Rockland, Orange or Westechester area? Has anyone taken any training from the local ranges? davis, the firing line? thanks!
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    I was just watching SWAT TV that I recorded a couple of weeks ago on the outdoor channel. I never heard of this guy before but Louis Auerbuck from Yavapai Firearms Academy was on talking about training with 3D targets. What he was saying makes a lot of sense. It got me thinking that shooting...
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    This months tip focusing on Shotgun Sling and Non-Sling Carry Methods. YouTube - MDTS AugTip
  7. Firearms in the News I didn't think lawmakers were exempt.:wacko:
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    Guest presenter Rob Pincus talks about the first drill in his Combat Focus Shooting program: Extend, Touch, Press. YouTube - MDTS JulyTip
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    Are There Holes In Your Training Resume? A short and sweet article about training, in a slightly different light.
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    Had a great day of training yesterday with Dave & crew @ Rochester Personal Defense. Can't say enough about the great staff & the way they interact with the students! As always I learned a bunch and improved my skills. I think everyone had a good time & stayed safe! It was a very active class...
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    This months tip focuses on tactical folding knife deployment YouTube - MDTS JuneTip
  14. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
    Rochester Personal Defense, LLC will be hosting Insights Training Center on August 14 and 15 for their General Defensive Rifle class. Insights is known world wide for their high level of training and expertise. They have been coming to the Rochester area, hosted by RPD, LLC for over 7 years now...
161-175 of 263 Results