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  1. Training
  2. Training
    In this months tip guest presenter and snub revolver master instructor Michael de Bethencourt talks about the various speedloaders available on the market today and some of their pro's and con's YouTube - MDTS FebTip
  3. Training
    Anyone know about career oppurtunities from certified training? Could expenses from training be writeoff?
  4. Training
    Hey everybody; Do Y'all have any lines on armed or unarmed training that is available in the Hudson Valley or lower Capital District? I'm talking Dutchess, Columbia, Greene, Rennsslaer or Albany counties. I'd love to find a Krav Maga (or something similar) class locally, and pretty...
  5. Blog Posts
    I recently picked up this book to get me by through the long nights when our newborn cannot sleep, and found myself not being able to put it down! The book is Tactical Pistol Shooting by Erik Lawrence. Despite some simple editing errors in the book, it was very informative, had accurate and...
  6. Other Weapons
    So, here's your chance to attend a top level course dealing with the defensive use of a folder. Insights Training Center is coming to Rochester on Friday, January 29 for their Defensive Folding Knife I training. Following that class, on Saturday and Sunday, you could partake in the DFK II...
  7. Training
    Hello, I wish to start taking self defense classes. I have no idea where to go and im in the buffalo area. Me and my girlfriend wanna take them. Any personal experience with any programs? Recommendations of where to start looking? Any advice really would be much appreciated. :) Thank you
  8. Training
    As someone who considers myself a student first and an instructor second I have had the great opportunity to attend a lot of good and a lot of very bad training over the last 25+years. There are some things I have learned to do and look for when seeking instruction from others, no matter the...
  9. Pistol Permits
    If you are looking for a Utah permit class in the Buffalo, Western New York, and surrounding areas, call Jim Carr of JD Carr Security Consulting at (716) 778-9431, [email protected] He offers the Utah Non Resident Permit lecture, minus the photograph service. His cost is only 65.00 for the...
  10. Training
    The January training tip focuses on Shotgun Tactical Reload Methods YouTube - MDTSJanTip
  11. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
    For those of you in the Southern Tier area around Corning, Elmira, Hornell, etc..... Rochester Personal Defense Presents: The State of Utah Non-Resident Permit Class It's the class you have all been waiting for!!! The State of Utah has revamped their training system and you get the benefit. We...
  12. Training
    I have always felt that slow-motion training is an essential part of any training program and really, is there another way? NOTE: Mandatory safety disclaimer; if using your firearm for other than live fire practice make sure it is unloaded - Thank you. 1. Preferably, in front of a mirror...
  13. Training
    The December tip focuses on Situational Control Tactics YouTube - MDTSDecTip
201-213 of 263 Results