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  1. Training
    "You have a shotgun for home defense and you know you need to train on it. Going to the range is great, but it can be expensive to go as much as you really need to. In any case, the range will never be able to simulate the conditions you will find in your own home. How would it be if you...
  2. Carry/Conceal
    5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt 1.5in 59409 FREE S&H 59409-019-L, 59409-019-M, 59409-018-L, 59409-019-XL, 59409-019-XXXL, 59409-192-L, 59409-328-L, 59409-328-M, 59409-019-S, 59409-018-4XL, 59409-018-XXL, 59409-120-M, 59409-018-M, 59409-120-XL, 59409-192-X I'm searching for a new belt that is more...
  3. Curios and Relics
    OK, I have searched this forum and the interwebs as much as I could, and this seems to be an elusive one, so I am enquiring to the collective curio database we have here.... A guy was "selling" an Arisaka Trainer chambered in .22, and showed it to my father. I don't think it even exists, but...
  4. Training
    Well i sold off the saiga. 223 in favor of a hunting dedicated firearm. And now im looking towardz the mini to fill its place... When origanally shopping i was debating between the saiga and the mini.. and went saiga due to the weapons reviews. Well hindsights 20/20. I should have gone with my...
  5. Accessories and Gear
    Does anyone have one of these? It's sound activated and pules the laser briefly when you drop the hammer/striker. YouTube - LaserLyte LT-Pro Laser Trainer
1-6 of 7 Results