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    6 signs that you
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    The barrel has a few worn spots what do people recommend as far as an easy touch up blue touch up that will match it and blend without looking "spotty" or cheap? Thanks in advance
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    Elites out of touch on guns and climate Many years ago, political scientists came up with a theory that elites lead public opinion. And on some issues, they clearly do. But on some issues, they don`t. Two examples of the latter phenomenon are conspicuous at a time when Barack Obama enjoys the...
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    On guns, the elites are out of touch On guns, Gallup has been testing opinion for many years on one extreme proposal that is the goal, usually unstated, of many gun control advocates: banning the possession of handguns. Support was 60 percent in 1960 and 49 percent in 1965. It was as high as 43...