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    Just saw this and thought you guys might be interested. Let me know what you guys think.
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    I'm sure many people have conflicts with certain issues with Alex Jones, but this man deserves credit for trying to bring the attention of what our officials are trying to do. Give it a watch.
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    Yessuh !, time for another notorious mind bending highly controversial episode of the Sunday Tin Foiler report: Shady Hook the road to Israel? A investigative scouring of the internet surrounding Veronica Pozner aka CNN superstar mother of victim NOA Pozner, by havf8 and his wife. How deep...
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    Call me a tinfoil wearer ! It's funny that our state has shoved the safe act over night ! So it has woken up the citizens of NYS and across the country ! To try to stop the madness that our political so called leader's have done to the Constitution ! Which in my eyes should be held dearly in...
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    you decide Obama 'Baiting' Next American Civil War - YouTube
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    Intelligence: Smart Rocks Invade Iran
1-6 of 6 Results