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    He trying... He's trying REAL hard to get re-elected in 2014! Timing of NY Rebate Checks Tied to 2014 Election |
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    I took the Rochester Personal Defense course in 7/2010, and did not send the ppwk in to Florida or Utah due to sudden financial challenges at the time. I just found the intact fingerprint cards, paperwork, etc. and am interested in submitting them. Does anyone know whether I can still do this...
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    Was poking around on some websites earlier, and stumbled into an article about a video game using real-world levels for the game, to coincide with the 'Zero Dark Thirty' movie that's coming out, which, from what I understand, is coinciding with a book that's coming out on the whole thing. Some...
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    Anyone ever feel like the whole day seems like bad timing? Everything today feels like its 10 late for some reason. :wacko:
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    Shooting star Chao irked by timing of Toronto`s gun ban Avianna Chao arrived home from being hailed as a first-time Olympian to find an eviction notice from the city. Chao has been informed that the shooting club she uses as her main training base, the Canadian National Recreation Association...