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    Teenagers in CT Arrested for Making & Selling Homemade "Zip Guns" If anyone thinks banning guns will result in there being no guns in the hands of criminals this story should set them straight. TEENAGERS in CT made and sold over a dozen fully functional firearms in their home.
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    Someone call me with an emergency - QUICK! :leave:
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    It seems I remember reading a thread about this subject from last year, so I apologize if I'm rehashing. I took my fourteen year old grand daughter pistol shooting at my club. She had a good time and shot well. She asked me if her sixteen year old boyfriend could come along next time with his...
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    Illinois: Teenagers gather to support gun rights A group of young people Tuesday night chimed in on the old debate over gun control. And the message they stressed during a Second Amendment forum at Wheaton city hall was that gun-control measures won't reduce firearm-related violence...