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    I figure this is appropriate here because of Rob's involvement in our site and training extensively in NY. This is the first in an eleven-week video series designed to introduce you to Daniel Defense, and provide practical tips and techniques to defend yourself, your family and home with your...
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    Revolver Reloading Technique - Method #1: This is an old standard, which evolves switching the weapon from gun-hand to off-hand. This one has worked for me for many years. 1. Keeping your eyes on the threat, take cover while bringing the revolver to body centerline at approximately belt...
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    With the boom of the AR-15 in popularity amongst firearms enthusiasts, many people have little to no training in how to use such a firearm in a tactical situation. I have always been interested in tactical training not only because of the cool factor, but it can benefit my shooting, and hone my...
1-3 of 3 Results