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    Ride-hailing app company Uber says it is banning its riders and drivers from carrying guns. Uber Technologies says it is banning firearms of any kind during rides arranged through the Uber platform, and drivers or riders who violate the rule may lose access to the platform. The rules also apply...
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    Did you see that? On FOX last night they showed the New Town folks getting off AF1 to attend this weeks Gun hearings in DC. I guess Obama wants these folks to stand in front of the Senate and Assembly and cry during the hearings. I'm outraged, he didn't offer AF1 to the Pro-Gun elected officals...
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    Anyone else see this? Cops lift taxi off man | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
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    YouTube - Beam me up autonomous car
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    For those in Rochester, there is good blog column this morning in the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board blog on England's gun laws and the taxi cab shooter. Surprise, surprise. Here is the link: Board of Contributors | Editorial | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
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    New York Taxi Union, Gun Control Advocates Call for Tougher Gun Laws In light of recent crimes committed throughout the city at gunpoint and the increase in south Queens' homicide rate, lawmakers, community leaders and residents are calling for tougher gun restrictions. City Councilman...