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    [Video] Parent Complains After Students Permitted to Hold Guns Under Military Supervision at School "A Rock Hill, SC middle school is facing some controversy over a recent Veteran's Day event held at the school. During the event, children were able to interact with active duty military...
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    So I've read (can't remember exactly where) that it's ok to bring a son or daughter (14 and up?) to the range and let them fire a pistol under a pistol permit holder's supervision at a range. What are the laws/policies (if any) for a pistol permit holder wanting to bring a friend or relative to...
  5. Pistol Permits
    I've heard multiple sides of this - but am still trying to find out: If I have a valid permit (and I do), can someone without a permit (spouse, friend) shoot any of my pistols as long as I'm present and supervising? I've heard both yes's and no's. Thanks!