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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Obama admin funding cops in schools - CNN Political Ticker - Blogs "Friday afternoon the Justice Department announced about $45 million in funding intended to create 356 new school resource officer positions under the federal COPS grants. "In the wake of past tragedies, it's clear that...
  2. General Firearms
    What good gun stores are around Hamburg area? Need a place to go shopping while I'm waiting for school to end!
  3. Tresmond Information
    I don't know if you can help me out, but I have info from a CT LEO and I'm not sure I can post it in a public forum. The reason I'm asking this is, they are all under a FBI gag order. Could I, not having a gag order on myself, let this info out into the public or should it remain unreleased for...
  4. Long Range Precision Shooting
    i have a .223 dpms 20 inch 1-8 stainless barrel and wish to get back into reloading does any one have any load suggestions haven't ever loaded for this caliber before so i'm looking for a boat tail bullet and powder charge suggestions i have imr 4064 powder so i would prefer to try some loads...
  5. Announcements and Site Help
    Can we get a company review section? Like for online stores, local gun shops, etc.?
  6. News Feeds
    Changes suggested to Illinois county`s proposed concealed carry law A public database of who has a concealed carry permit might be out, while bringing a firearm to a county caucus meeting could be in. Those are a couple of the changes members of a Winnebago County subcommittee suggested Tuesday...
1-6 of 6 Results