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  1. Firearms in the News
    UIW student shot five times at close range during struggle, police say | San Antonio "Officer Carter instructed Redus 14 times to place his hands behind his back, informed him three times he was under arrest and to stop resisting 56 times," Alamo Heights Chief Richard Pruitt said...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Totally disgusting! Report: Fort Hood shooting victims struggle while defendant draws salary
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Excite News - Gun control backers struggle to win some Democrats
  4. Firearms in the News
    N.Y. Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect in Confrontation -
  5. Firearms in the News
  6. News Feeds
    Obama faces struggle wooing working-class voters President Barack Hussein Obama -- the very thought makes Lynn Dearfield wince. As she stands inside the local Republican Party headquarters, pinning a McCain-Palin button on her blouse, the 45-year-old nurse recites a litany of reasons she won`t...
1-6 of 6 Results