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  1. Pistol Permits
    Just looking for some advice here on who has the best/fair deals for purchasing a new pistol. I've been to Precision Armory and find that their gear runs pretty high above MSRP posted online. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Firearms in the News
    [Video] Armed Store Clerk Opens Fire on Armed Robber Who Bit Another Clerk
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    "Moms" Try to Get Staples Manager to Make Her Store "Gun Free" - Turns Out, She's a Carrier
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    My local hardware store sells ammo (mostly shotgun and rifle.) He just registered with the State Police so he can continue to sell. Since it's just a small, local store it sure would be nice if out of state sellers could ship to him. Does that mean that mom and pop stores that sell ammo...
  5. Firearms in the News
    Store Owner Shoots Lunatic Knife Attacker *REAL FOOTAGE* | R.T.B.A. Co. I saw this before but thought it was a good reminder as to why we carry. Long live the extremists. FUAC.
  6. Firearms in the News
    Gunman threatens to kill everyone in dollar store, killed by armed citizen before police arrived | Concealed Nation Wait for it... I am sure this is making its way to MSM any moment now. Long live the extremists. FUAC.
  7. Firearms in the News
    Gunman threatens to kill everyone in dollar store, killed by armed citizen before police arrived | Concealed Nation The best part? "There was another sign on the doors of the business stating that open carry of a weapon was not allowed inside the store."
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Well it seems I've got a bunch of ladders taking up a lot of room. Can you store these outside? They're aluminum/fiberglass. I'm thinking building some sort of rack under my deck. Will weather/sun light impair them from a safety standpoint?
  9. Firearms in the News
    How Customers at a Convenience Store React to Lifeless Shooting Victim in Doorway Is Disgusting | Video | It's sickening how desensitized people have become these days, and it appears that this is just going to continue to become the norm in our country over time.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    I just noticed the sign today. They are building a Lowe's on Rt. 16 in Holland where the old Sunoco station burned down across from the middle school. I'm wondering how the locals feel about this. Traffic already stinks on that stretch of 16. It's likely a new traffic light would have to go...
  11. Firearms in the News
    "Dallas Store Manager Fends Off 5 Armed Robbers with .38 Revolver, Wounding One; Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later A Dallas store manager using his handgun to fend off an attempted robbery by five armed robbers. There's also audio of the 911 call from the Dallas store manager asking for police help...
  12. Firearms in the News
    "The wife of Ramon Sedillo, armed robbery suspect, shot dead by a shop clerk said the clerk was wrong, and has filed a civil lawsuit claiming wrongful death. Sedillo walked into Full Spectrum Smoke Shop armed with a gun intending to rob the store. His widow is suing Matthew Beasley, the store...
  13. Firearms in the News
    [Video] Concealed Carrier Chases Off Two Violent, Armed Robbers Following Store Robbery "This is the second time Bosser has intervened to stop a crime. Several years ago, Bosser saved a man who was being mercilessly beaten. That incident, like this, was stopped without Bosser firing any shots."...
  14. General Firearms
    Not looking for specifically where in your home/business but How are you storing it? I've accumulated a decent stockpile and my safe isn't gonna even handle a 1/4 of it since it has all of my firearms. I've been walking around the house/attic/basement/shed to come up with ideas. Wall closet...
  15. Firearms in the News
    NC Store Clerk Fires Shot at Armed Robber, No One Injured "A store clerk in Greensboro, NC found himself facing an armed robber around 8am on Saturday. The man, armed with a handgun and wearing a ski mask and hoodie, entered the store, brandished a gun and demanded money. The store clerk was...
  16. Firearms in the News
    [Video] Store Clerk to Armed Robber - "I Have a Bigger One Than You Do" "Two suspected armed robbers in Seattle found themselves outgunned when they tried to carry out an armed robbery. Robert Moore was ringing up another customer in the Morning Stat Mini Mart when two masked suspects burst...
  17. Handguns
    I'm having a Glock 23 built. I have been talking to Glock Store about the build. I'm looking to get a lightened slide with RMR cut and a stippled grip. I am also going to equip it with a KKM barrel with pyramid/fulcrum trigger and Tungston guide rod. I have heard some bad things about Glock...
  18. Firearms in the News
    Armed Robber Shoots Store Owner in the Leg, Store Owner Then Shoots Robber 10 Times "The owner fired 10-13 shots at the suspect, hitting him at least 10 times. The suspect was declared dead on the scene." So long scumbag.
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Let say that the store owner have a gun, can he use lethal force in this case? Shoplifter Beats Grocery Store Owner in Head With Skateboard, Police Say - Lower East Side - New York
  20. Firearms in the News
    Wheelchair Bound Jewelry Store Owner Shoots 1 of 2 Robbers "Two men entered an Alcoa, TN jewelry store. One of the men jumped the counter and began stealing money from a back room. As the suspect came back to the front of the store, the owner, who is confined to a wheelchair, shot the suspect...
1-20 of 117 Results