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  1. Wanted
    I don't have much money (Broke 21yo Engineering student) but I have a 3D printer and the skill to use it. I'm looking to trade my 3D printing services for AR15 parts. (I'm NOT printing anyone a lower or other regulated firearm part). I'm looking for basically any parts that will get me closer...
  2. Rifles
    I want to purchase this factory izmash stock and put it on my saiga 7.62x39 (iz-132. Is it legal in our state?
  3. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    Since I've been building my own compliant stocks, I no longer need my FRS-15. This is a "black and tan" combo that Thordsen doesn't offer as a kit; you have to put it together with extra parts. It started as a black enhanced (QD's on buffer tube cover) kit, to which I added the FDE (matches...
  4. Exile Machine
    The Hammerhead AR-15 Stock Adapter may help you keep your rifle off Cuomo's Confiscation list. Remove all the evil features and bolt & epoxy the Hammerhead to your rifle. Attach the fixed buttstock of your choice. Hold your AR like a wooden rifle. Example of NYS Type I Configuration: Example...
  5. Exile Machine
    Bianchi, DeSantis, Don Hume, El Paso, Fobus, Galco, Safariland, Uncle Mikes... These are just a few of the many brands we carry, and check out our low prices... We have 4300 different models in stock for immediate shipment; chances are we have one to fit your handgun and your lifestyle...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Budsgunshop refuses to sell legal items to NY residents!!!!This is the first time I have ever put any effort into bashing a company online but I was so appalled by the way they treated me I must. I ordered a archangel stock for my mosin nagant bolt action rifle. The next day I received an...
  7. Rimfire Handguns and Rifles
    Being that the Unsafe act has thoroughly confused me I am going to ask here. I searched the forums and still don't know the answer. If I owned a 1022 prior to safe being implemented with original stock, I guess it is now considered an AW because of the 10 round mag even though we can load 10...
  8. Shotguns
    iv been looking for a replacement stock for my Winchester 37. When ever I find one its a youth or its expensive. Does anyone on here have experience in making their own? I was thinking of getting a blank and carving it out myself.
  9. Ammunition and Reloading
    Edited because of Spam
  10. Ammunition and Reloading
    Heads up. Dicks in Kingston NY has 525 round boxes of Remington Golden Bullets in Stock for 24.99. Were several boxes on the shelf when i was there at 1:30pm Also heard from a friend that Dicks in Poughkeepsie Galleria has the same thing in stock. Dicks has a '1 bulk box' per customer limit...
  11. Wanted
    Have a friend of the family that was really kind to us lately in caring for my wife while she was in the hospital having our twins. Her (ex) boyfriend wasn't the nicest, and apparently snapped the stock on her 10/22 being a....not nice person. I'd like to repair it for her. She mentioned...
  12. Exile Machine
    We've got the LANCER 10 round mags, with UPS flat rate shipping options from Ground through Next Day. <<<--- CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Prices subject to change without notice.
  13. Shotguns
    Hi I'm looking to switch up the stock on my 870. Just wondering if a set up like in the picture is ok, most likely gonna skip the adjustable stock but I might keep it. I'm pretty sure the SA isn't an issue for pump shotguns but I'm interested in some advice on the matter don't need any problems...
  14. Ammunition and Reloading
    .40 cpr federal xm193 $ 7.99/box of 20 Federal XM193F 5.56mm 55gr FMJ H8629 - Rifle Ammunition - Ammunition $20 box of 50 Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics .45ACP 230gr FMJ 50rds 45A Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics .45ACP 230gr FMJ 50rds 45A - Handgun Ammunition - Ammunition Shipping is pretty cheap!!!
  15. Firearms in the News
    Shoppers Stock Up On Rifles, Shotguns Before Long Gun Registry Begins « CBS Sacramento "A new gun law coming in 2014 has gun owners stocking up on long guns before a new registry begins. Even though the law is at least temporarily boosting his bottom line, Just Guns owner John Deaser isn't a...
  16. Ammunition and Reloading
    Get it while it's there. They did raise the Win White Box from 32 to 42 + but where are you going to get any right now anyway. Tula 7.62 X 39...still only a little over 5 bucks. Plenty of .40 as of yesterday also.
  17. The AR-15
    A Magpul ASAP plate won't work with that style of stock. What are you guys with the old Vietnam style stocks using for a sling mount? (single point slings)
  18. Ammunition and Reloading
    Unique Bullseye & large pistol primer in stock at pro gun in victor ny
  19. The AR-15
    In the latest installment of the "Dining Room Table Gunsmith", the Kuomonization of S&W M&P 15-22 I originally purchased this weapon in '08 or '09 when ammo prices went through the roof after the election. Always hated the pinned stock, so a change was coming at some point anyway. Recently...
  20. DIY Projects and Builds
    I hope this is the right board to post this on. I was looking on info on whether or not I would be able to restore the original stock on my Remington 513t. I don't know much about restoring stocks so taking a shot in the dark. I acquired another stock some time ago but it doesn't fit quite...
1-20 of 500 Results