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  1. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is July 2nd for Vortex Spotting Scopes July is a Vortex Spotting Scope Sampling... 1st Place will be a Vortex Razor HD 16-48x65 Spotter 2nd Place will be a Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 Spotter 3rd Place will be a Vortex Diamondback 20-60x80 Spotter...
  2. Gun.Deals
    Blackhawk 20-60x60 Waterproof Spotting Scope Tripod, Soft & Hard Case $88.99 shipped Blackhawk 20-60x60 Waterproof Spotting Scope Tripod, Soft & Hard Case $88.99 shipped
  3. CameralandNY
    Vortex Riflescope & Spotting Scope Combination Sale Buy a Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope for only $199.99, reduced from $339.99. Add it to a Vortex riflescope purchase and get one for as low as $9.99 Your Choice - Straight or Angled Add this great Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope to a Vortex...
  4. CameralandNY
    Vortex Nomad 20-60x60 Spotting Scope Sale - Only $229.99 in your choice of Straight or Angled To make this Holiday Special even more exciting you can make this into a package: We are offering a Vortex Nomad Spotting Scope with your choice of a: Vortex Crossfire 8x32 Binocular Vortex...
  5. Gun.Deals
    Barska 20-60x60 Straight Spotting Scope Waterproof, Tripod + Free Shipping - $59.88
  6. CameralandNY
    Vortex Spotting Scope Super Sale We thought it would be a nice thing to offer a special deal to all those forum members who support us all year round so we came up with a wonderful offer. If you buy any new Vortex Viper Spotter: Vortex Viper 15-45x65 Spotter (Angled) (Part# VPR-65A) Vortex...
  7. Gun.Deals
    Barska 20-60x60 Straight Spotting Scope Waterproof, Tripod + Free Shipping - $58.94 (Record Low)
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I have noticed there are a few on this forum who are into photography. I'm sure many of us also have spotting scopes. Has anyone tried taking pictures through the scope? I might try to get something set up with my DSLR (canon). Looking for any advice. It seems like a good excuse to upgrade to a...
  9. Long Range Precision Shooting
    right now i have a rem 700 with a 4-12x40 redfield scope, i am not that into long range shooting just yet, i usually only shoot around 100yrds cause im lazy and dont like walking further out lol. I want to go get a spotting scope before i go to the range again but i dont know what to get, i...
  10. Rifles
    I am shopping for a spotting scope. Don't mind investing a little more for quality, but I am on a budget. Any first hand experience and recommendations are appreciated.
  11. Accessories and Gear
    Does anyone have one or used one, if so what is your opinion of it.
  12. Accessories and Gear
    I am looking for recommendations for a spotting scope to use on the range for sighting in a scope. I have no experience in this area all I know is my 16x binoculars don't cut it. Thanks.
  13. Accessories and Gear
    So I'm in the market for a decent spotting scope, just something for the range (up to 300m), and someone on another forum mentioned an older model barska scope that was going for cheap. I went on their site to try and get some more info, and came across this one: 30-90x90 waterproof Colorado...
  14. Accessories and Gear
    i am in the market for a scope and need a little info...... what are the number and what do they represent meaning when there are only to numberes like 60x60 what does that mean. or when it says 18-90x88mm i dont get it...... im at the point where im reading the description and its saying fov at...
  15. Accessories and Gear
    I'm looking to get my first spotting scope, kind of looking at the Celestron Ultima 80 20 to 60x80 Straight Spotting Scope: or the Nikon XL II Spotting Scope 16-48x60...
  16. Accessories and Gear
    I could use a spotting scope but don't know squat about them. They bug me about telling them what I want so I told my parents that it was something they can think about for xmas for me. I definitely don't need a Leupold or even a Nikon. I was thinking more like a Barska or something in that...
1-16 of 16 Results