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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Is it true as of jan 1 they will no longer sell ammo and guns my brother inlaw just text me that. If thats true that going to hurt
  2. The AR-15
    Here is another new Karma I have for a Aim Sports Vice Block AR lower Receiver,I will have a few more Karma going on for a few more items I do not need so stay tune for them to show up soon and to share with all my fellow NYF forum members.. Rules for Entry 1) You must be a member of...
  3. General Firearms
    Can anyone comment or educate me about LSI and / or Citadel Firearms? Is LSI simply an importer of various foreign manufactured firearms? Is there business primarily selling Replica Firearms? How about Citadel? Are they a manufacturer that produces firearms that LSI imports? Again do they...
  4. Gun.Deals
    LEGACY SPORTS CIT M-1 CARB 22LR WD - $232.54 + 5.99 S/H
  5. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is January 7th for Zeiss Sports Optics We have some very exciting optics for our 1st drawing of 2014..... The Grand Prize is a Zeiss Conquest HD5 2-10x42 Z-Plex Riflescope #522611-9920 Two 2nd place winners will each receive a Zeiss Conquest 8x40 T* ABK...
  6. Firearms in the News
    Georgia Southern University Breaks Ground on 25k Sq Ft, $7 Mil, Shooting Sports Education Center "Georgia Southern University has started work to build aworld-class, state-of-the-art $7 million Shooting Sports Education Center on campus. Ground was broken Thursday morning for the 25,000 square...
  7. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is December 3rd for Pentax Sports Optics We have some very exciting optics for December: 1st Prize is a Pentax PF-65ED II Angled Spotting Scope w/ Zoom Eyepiece 2nd Prize, for 4 lucky winners, is a Pentax 20x60 PCF WP II Binocular 3rd Prize, for 6 lucky...
  8. CameralandNY
    Camera Land's One Day Only Zeiss Sports Optics Event Whether you can make it in to meet the Zeiss Tech rep on Monday September 30th or if you just call in, Monday the 30th is THE day to buy Zeiss products. The deals are so special we cannot advertise them, but if you've been thinking of...
  9. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 8th for Vortex Sports Optics We have some wonderful prizes set for October: The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 Spotting Scope We will have two 2nd place winners each receiving a Vortex Viper HD 10x42 Binocular...
  10. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is September 10th for Zeiss Sports Optics For September we will have 3 Levels of Prize Winners: A Grand Prize Winner of a Zeiss Conquest HD5 2-10x42 Z-Plex Riflescope #522611-9920 2 Second Place Winners each receiving a Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9x42 Z-Plex Riflescope...
  11. Gun.Deals
    Bushnell® Trophy MP Sight - $99.99 Aim Sports Red Dot Sight with 4 Different Reticles + Free Shipping - $29.14
  12. Handguns
    Ok I stopped by there yesterday because i havent been there in about 3 months. I saw a CM9 there wasnt sure if its new or not for..........................699.99. WTF? 699.99 I paid 449.99 in Feb for mine. 699 for a CM9 no not PM9 CM9. 52.00 for a box for Remingtion HP in .357 MAG. Done...
  13. Ammunition and Reloading
    .55 per Rd 55 gr
  14. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is May 1st for Zen-Ray Sports Optics This drawing brings to you the latest release from Zen-Ray their new ZEN-RAY - ZEN Prime HD 25-50x82mm Wide-Angled Spotting Scope. This great new scope is due for release this week and Zen-Ray wanted to include our web drawing...
  15. Events
    Mexico, NY- Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County is accepting registrations into its Shooting Sports Program. This program is open to all girls and boys ages 12 to 19 who are interested in archery, shotgun, air rifle and muzzleloading rifle. The program will be conducted as a...
  16. CameralandNY
    We are running a very exciting Brunton Sports Optics Spring Buying Opportunity Sale on their Eterna Binoculars and Riflescopes. This will give you the opportunity to purchase a fantastic Brunton optic at a reduced price. What's more we are going to continue with the "Buy it - Try it - Love it...
  17. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Sorry if this doesn't belong here go ahead and move or delete it.$80M
  18. Firearms in the News
    From the NSSF: "We have just learned that Reed Exhibitions has decided to postpone the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show." Nice to see that the vendors pulling out actually made a difference!
  19. Firearms in the News
    NRA pulls out of Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg - The York Daily Record Over 100 vendors and sponsors, including Cabelas and the NRA canceled their sponsorship and appearances. Good.
1-19 of 59 Results