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  1. Rifles
    I am already planning for my next rifle purchase. I really wanted to buy an all American Springfield M1 but they are banned in NYC under the AWB by name... I found as a second choice that LBR makes a NYC compliant M14 variant called Sporter which does not have any of the evil features and only...
  2. The AR-15
    My local gun store has a new Century Arms M16A1 5.56/.223 Sporter pre-ban rifle for sale. I don't know much about Century Arms to just put down the money for it,asking price is $780.00. So if I could get some likes or dislikes from some of you it will help me out a lot. Thanks
  3. Rifles
    Buddy bought a New Saiga today and we had about 12 mins to try it out so we went and fired 10 rounds I collected the brass and when we got home I noticed that one of the cases had split from the top about half an inch down. We were shooting 125gr soft point Golden bear ammo, after we noticed...
  4. The AR-15
    Light as a feather! Seller claimed unfired and I have no reason to doubt
  5. Rifles
    Are these legal in our ever changing state of New York .thank's :confused:
  6. Competitive Shooting
    Anyone shoot or shot in the past in sporterrifle, its 22 target shooting at 50ft w/ 22 lr offhand, max wt of 7.5 lbs for gun/scope combo. What are your thoughts on this? What power scope is most common? NYS Sporterifle Home Page I am starting my son on this on Sunday, the adult league starts...
  7. Rifles
    Thanks to a great trading experience here at NYFirearms I took out my new rifle, a pre-ban Colt Sporter Match HBAR. Though I intend on bennefiting from its pre-ban state I wanted to see how well she performed at the range before customizing her. I was pretty impressed with the accuracy...
1-7 of 7 Results