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  1. Gun.Deals
    In-Stock - Winchester NATO - spec 124 - gr. 9 mm Ammo 500 Rounds - $123/129 shipped
  2. Gun.Deals
    Voodoo Mil - Spec Plus Padded Gun Case 42" - $54/$59 + Free Shipping, 36" - $44 Voodoo Mil - Spec™ Plus Padded Gun Case 42" - $54/$59 + Free Shipping Coyote Tan and Army Digit are in stock, Black is out of stock 36" Case is $40/$44, ships in two weeks. Use coupons for additional savings. In...
  3. The AR-15
    How do I know if my AR-15 need a Mil spec or a Commercial Spec stock? I have a S & W, M & P 15.
  4. General Firearms
    Fellow shooting enthusiasts, I am working in some new reloads and I see a potential issue with the case length. Does anyone have the 6.5mmBR precise case/reamer dimensions? This is the popular wildcat made from the 6mmBR norma brass not the old 6.5BR Remington. Any info would be greatly...
  5. Pistol Permits
    Well I am really considering getting a permit, and using it for work. (armed guard or something) I called up the pistol permit people and was talking with them (mean bunch really) and they said I needed 4 references from the Town of Tonawanda. I have lived there for 13 years, and I don't know 4...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Does anyone know if Milspec smoke grenades are legal in NY?
1-6 of 6 Results