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  1. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Let me try again, since the first link didn't take: This is a pretty interesting "rant" Maybe most of you have already read this. I came across it, and though a bit out of date, it got me thinking about the possibilities. Does his assertion have merit...
  2. Shotguns
    I was wondering if anyone has installed a timney trigger on an 870 and noticed any difference? I have an 870 slug gun that shoots very good with lightfield slugs at 100 yds but I think with a better trigger I can get some improvement. It's not big $ but I like to do some research before I act...
  3. Shotguns
    Looking for a new long distance gun.Been hearing good things about this single shot H&R. Wondering if anyone has on and can comment ? Also thinking about getting into a 20ga instead of the 12 because of less recoil for better accuracy and since there about the same size as a muzzle loader bullet...
  4. Shotguns
    Ok, can anyone tell me the practical difference in quality or function/accuracy between a Remington 870 20ga with cantilevered rifled slug barrel and a Mossberg 500 20ga with cantilevered rifled slug barrel? Expected max shooting distance of 100yds. The Mossberg is about $100 cheaper than the...
  5. Shotguns
    Could a shotgun slug penetrate medieval heavy armor?
  6. Shotguns
    Hi, I'm getting a 24" Rifled slug barrel for my Mossberg 930 and have couple questions. 1_ what's the lethal range of slugs to hunt deer? 2_ at what distance should I 0 (zero) the scope. I have a fixed 4X. and also, any recommendation in slugs? thanks in advance. PS. rifle slugs can...
  7. Wanted
    I'm looking for an Ithaca 12 gauge slug barrel. I have a 1974 era Ithaca model 37
  8. Shotguns
    Have concluded that my eyes are not good enough for open sights. GOing to strongly consider putting a red dot sight on my 870 express slug gun but i have questions. What would mount would you suggest. (bsqure, Aimtec etc.) and which red dot scope could withstand the recoil of 2.75" slugs...
  9. General Firearms
    Gumby went for a ride today after sighting in the shotgum. :)
  10. Shotguns i had posted in the above thread that my new 870 express (RB, RS) was giving me serious grief while shooting it for the first time. I finally got to a range the weekend that Sandy the Bitch...
  11. Long Range Precision Shooting
    I brought a friend of mine out to sight in his new slug gun for hunting season and ran into a big problem, even with the elevation set to bring the crosshair as low as possible the gun is still firing about 3 feet high at 50 yards. Has anyone else experienced the same kind of problem? It doesn't...
  12. Shotguns
    Thinking of getting a new 12 gauge slug gun for this coming deer season.. I want something relatively light weight and able to take magnum slugs (I know it will kick more and IDC) Id like it to have a rail on top to be able to mount a scope or red dot sight.. also dont want something with a...
  13. Shotguns
    I finally got a chance too shoot my Rem 870 slug gun (RB, open sights). I tried shooting a few different types of "premium slugs" in 3" ; rem, copper solids, federal barnes expanders, and some winchester sabot slugs( bri). The gun shoots around corners! At 50 yds, i could not hit a 3'x2' sheet...
  14. Shotguns
    I know there has been some posts about the 220F before and since part of the state is still shotgun only I figure I'd post some pictures or my Savage 220F Slug Gun. The gun is set up as follows: -Savage 220F Slug Gun -McMIllan HTG (M40) Stock -Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40mm Scope -EGW Base -Warne...
  15. Shotguns
    anyone know where to find one. are the excel barrels interchangeable at all
  16. Shotguns
    Anyone here own an H&R Ultra Slug Hunter? I gave up shotgun hunting for deer years ago and switched to a muzzleloader for the challenge of only getting one shot, but my buddy showed me his single shot H&R today and I fell in love with it. I guess it's a real tack driver. Wondering if any of...
  17. General Firearms
    :D Took my old pal gumby out today for a little practice. Video Here - gumby - YouTube
  18. Shotguns
    I'm thinking of buying a Savage 220 slug gun for this deer season. I sighted in a friend's last year, it shot well, 2 1/2" @ 100 ds. But he complained of failures to eject, wth them hanging up in the ejection port. Anyone out there have experience with it positive or negative?
  19. Shotguns
    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of getting a custom slug gun made? Other than a Tar-Hunt. 12 to 14 pounds, stainless fluted bull barrel,jewell trigger,custom bolt action,custom thumb hole stock with adjustable cheek , bipod,and magazine fed 4+1.
  20. Shotguns
    So I took my new/used rifled barreled slug gun out to the range this weekend and fired about 6 rounds out of it with a few different sabot brands. When i got home to clean it I was surprised at how dirty the barrel was ( this is a bolt action 12ga ) Asisde from the usual black grime there were...
1-20 of 23 Results