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    Excite News - Health care signups: More older Americans so far "It's an older, costlier crowd that's signing up so far for health insurance under President Barack Obama's law, according to government figures released Monday. Enrollments are lower for the healthy, younger Americans who will be...
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    Ist day of signups, the BIG day for the Kenyan's signature legislation. Not 6 million, not 600,000, not 60,000, not 6,000, not 600.........6 people signed up on Oct 1st.
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    Missouri: Firearms courses see surge in signups Local concealed-carry firearms safety courses are booming. Missouri's concealed weapons law became effective Feb. 26, 2004. Among the requirements to apply for a concealed-carry endorsement is completion of an eight-hour firearms safety course...
1-3 of 3 Results