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  1. Other For Sale
    We will begin digging potato's the first of Sept if anyone is interested. We are selling in 50#, 10# and 5# sizes. Cost is $14 per 50#, $5 per 10# and $3 per 5#. Discount on purchase of 5 50# bags or more. Zero pesticide or herbicide use. Thanks.:)
  2. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    WTS: MULTITASKER SERIES 3 MULTITOOL- AR-15/M16 $90 Shipped CONUS Never used. Pocket-Packable Multitool For Field Repair & Adjustment Of Your AR-15 Pocket Toolbox ® to service your AR platform rifle and other many popular rifles. At slightly more than 4" long folded, the entire package slips...
  3. Preparedness
    Okay guys, in no way am i trying to insight anything but this needs to be talked about and "they" need to know we are talking about it (anonymously of course). I just read a post on here that was quoting one of cuomos henchmen saying that talk about resistance on this site and state wide has...
  4. Preparedness
    This is a simple cheap set-up for SHTF. I know there are tons of other ways to do this, found this on another site so though i'd pass it along. total cost would be about $70. would need 2 UV-5R radios and a 2.5MM male to 3.5MM male cable. Nice thing is that it can me moved around for change...
  5. Preparedness
    Does anyone else feel this is going to be a very very bad year for America? The amount of articles and news stories on our economic troubles and collapse have been coming out 3x more lately. Lots of stock predictions for this year put it at a complete collapse. We are sitting on all time stock...
  6. Preparedness
    Sooo... just to pick some brains... Any of you guys ever thought about setting up a security squad in case SHTF or something (kinda hoping for zombies but thats just me)? Now im talking about a small 5-6 man team here, and they would function as a search and rescue/ scavenger/ homestead...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Hottest new Police Vehicles Enough said. Welcome to the game!!
  8. Preparedness
    Found this article and map on another site. Map: Where You Don't Want to Be When It Hits the Fan
  9. Preparedness
    So what are some things that you can keep around to use to barter and trade with other people? If you stay in one location (your house? or a "secure location") obviously you can have a lot more on hand and weight isn't really a concern, but if you are on the go, then weight becomes one of your...
  10. Preparedness
    Today we are spoiled with instant weather forecasts. If S ever HTF this will quickly disappear. Here is an article I did on forecasting weather when SHTF Forecasting Weather When SHTF | TinHatRanch
  11. Shotguns
    This is an interesting item. I guess, that in a SHTF scenario where you don't know what type of round you may be able to come across when times get tough, this kind of thing makes sense. I think that its just cool to be able to shoot (though, not necessarily accurately) 11 types of ammunition...
  12. Firearms in the News
    I saw an interesting article on SHTF, It looks right on. Speculation abounds surrounding the 2 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the Department of Homeland Security White House and their cohorts in Congress contemplate the disarming of American citizens, the very assault weapons...
  13. Preparedness
    The AR-15 was the clear and present winner for the best SHTF firearm hands down; but what is the best that classify as legal under the new laws in the USSNY? I dont know what would be ideal with this. Is it a .22LR? A 12GA Shotgun? Various caliber bolt gun? Semi that was not effected by the...
  14. Preparedness
  15. Ammunition and Reloading
    looking for some decently priced ammo that i can keep on hand just in case **** hits the fan. Im thinking about picking up hornady steel match, since i dont plan on reloading. Any one have other suggestions i should look in to?
  16. Preparedness
    Thought you all might like to see this: Hyundai shows off its zombie-proof Elantra coupe | Fox News
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    I just want a mixed answer of everyone's thoughts what would you have in the house for a shtf incident
  18. Preparedness
    From my many romps into the depths of the internet, I get the general feeling that there are a higher than avage number of people worrying about a SHTF type senero... So, do u have that feeling? If so what senero do u see happening? Mine would be one of two: Either a war in the middle east...
  19. Preparedness
    Yea, I know, I've been watching too much "Walking Dead". But seriously, I have been thinking about picking up a crossbow to add to my arsenal. I think it would be excellent for hunting without alerting nearby scavengers. Same for deffense. If someone or thing comes for your stash and you blast...
  20. Off Topic Lounge
    Are any of you guys radio preppers? I've got a ham license, anyone else into radio or CB?
1-20 of 25 Results