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  1. The AR-15
    "THIS IS A BARREL SHROUD, NOT A FORWARD GRIP" Who's gonna be the first to get a personalized one? Custom Text, Large Laser Engraved Aluminum (LEA)
  2. Rifles
    Hey, has anyone here put on a barrel shroud on their Hi Point 9mm carbine? I just dropped mine into a ATI stock, and i'm thinking about finishing it off with a barrel shroud. I saw some on ebay, but it looks like the ported design ones are un painting. I'm more looking for one that is already...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    So I currently have an SJC Titan muzzle comp on my AR. Great for 3 gun, not so much for taking squirrels and coyotes. So I had an idea to machine a cylinder that would very tightly slide over the brake, and have an O ring on each end to stop any gasses from escaping the holes. Would this be...
  4. News Feeds
    If you bought a GSG-5 SD model rifle with a fake suppressor on it you should read this. The ATF now says the fake can is regulated and must be replaced. From what I can gather by reading online the SD model shroud is hollow whereas the smaller carbine shroud is solid with a hole drilled...
1-4 of 4 Results