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  1. Ammunition and Reloading
    It has to be a mistake but i'm going to try and order a case. Ammo .40 S&W CORBON Self-Defense Jacketed Hollow Point 135 Grain 20 Round Box 1325 fps SD40135-20
  2. Firearms in the News
    Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting : Concealed Nation | Promoting the importance of Responsible and Legal Concealed Carry in the US
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post. Mods, please move if necessary. AEI Lecture on Guns, Crime, Self-Defense - Campus News - Utica College An Open invitation to any CNY NYF members to join me for this event. I've downloaded the Gun Facts 6.1 PDF and will be bringing my laptop to...
  4. Firearms in the News
    This is a very intelligent response from Ted Nugent. Devastating to the Race Baiters agenda. NUGENT: Zimmerman verdict vindicates citizen patrols, self-defense | Rare
  5. Preparedness
    I see a lot of posts on here about "what gun" "what bullet" and that stuff means nothing in a self defense situation. Mindset is the key to self-defense like most things in life thinking ahead is way more important than anything in preparing for a bad situation. There was a LEO facing a bad...
  6. Pistol Permits
    I'm wondering if it's possible to acquire a pistol permit for self-defense at home? Or is it restricted to target/sport shooting only. Much thanks.
  7. Firearms in the News
    Hopefully I have this posted in the right spot. The Divine Right of Self Defense - Mike Adams documentary - YouTube
  8. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Someone brought this up on a debate I'm having on Facebook about the justification of deadly force. Say I'm in a SHTF situation, I draw, fire, take down the bad guy - no arrest, grand jury clears me and I go on with my life. But in the process an innocent bystander in the background gets hit...
  9. Ammunition and Reloading
    Long but interesting read... Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm
  10. Shotguns
    Ending the discussion, it has gone as far as it can while maintaining civility. Thanks , folks. E=solid_snake;56643]lol well i found out the law in nyc only allows a maximum capacity of 5 rounds so i decided to turn away from 10/22 =] shotguns it is =]
  11. Introductions
    I came to this site for advice on how to fill out CCW application and found all the information so helpful. Assuming I get approved I will be back to hit up advice on training. I am not sure what I am interested in gun wise or even whether I would get one. I got interested in the whole idea...
  12. Handguns
    So...I recently had the opportunity to share my opinion with someone who was considering buying a revolver to learn on as their first handgun. I thought I would post my reply here to see what kind of ideas are out there. Here it is: You can learn trigger control on any gun. If you master...
  13. News Feeds
    MSNBC's Maddow opposes armed self-defense "I like making liberals shoot guns -- I just don't think we should be allowed to bring them home," Maddow said. "It's like I mean you go to the carnival you know, like the roller coasters -- it's fun. But that doesn't mean you get one to come home with...
  14. News Feeds
    Rejecting armed self-defense, India tightens gun restrictions after Mumbai The Mumbai police have tightened the screws for issuing arms licenses to the public. While last year, from January to July, the police issued 116 arms licenses, this year, the figure has gone down to 96. The police said...
  15. News Feeds
    North Carolina: "Castle Doctrine" Self-Defense Bill Still Stalled in Raleigh The "Castle Doctrine" self-defense bill, Senate Bill 928, remains stuck in the House Judiciary I Committee.
  16. News Feeds
    Arizona Legislature Takes The Lead In Backing Self-Defense The Arizona Senate passed three important self-defense bills in a session that lasted into the early morning hours Wednesday.
  17. News Feeds
    Arizona Legislature Sends Three Self-Defense Bills to Governor Brewer
  18. News Feeds
    Two Utah Self-Defense Laws Go into Effect! As we reported, Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R) signed two important self-defense bills into law on March 31. These bills officially went into effect on Tuesday, May 12.
  19. News Feeds
    Castle Doctrine Self-Defense Bill Introduced in the Keystone State! State Senator Richard Alloway (R-33) has introduced critical self-defense reform legislation (Senate Bill 842) to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Pennsylvania. This Castle Doctrine self-defense bill has been...
  20. News Feeds
    Montana Expands Self-Defense Rights for Law-Abiding Citizens! National Rifle Association-backed legislation has been signed into law that enhances the right of self-defense for law-abiding Montanans. House Bill 228 was passed out of the House with a vote of 85-14 and the Senate 40-10...
1-20 of 52 Results