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    But the main reason for posting this is that Japan's regulatory body is called the NRA. So I guess we'll get blamed for this, too! Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority Reports on Leakage and Sea Water Radioactivity
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    U.S. Navy Helicopter Crashes in Red Sea, Search Underway For Five Crew Members | Keep them in your thoughts.
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    Great never seen rescue footage of 12 airmen who bailed out of their crippled B29 before it crashed in the sea off the coast of Japan.. EAA News - Found Film Recounts B-29 Rescue 66 Years Ago
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    Clickety Clack... Its official. Mark Kelly's Assault dog has more recorded kills than my AR-15. And to think,,,, Any one can walk in to a pet shop and buy one of those killer assault dogs without a permit or a background check. I hope Bloomberg does something about this. :wacko:
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    Not sure what to make of all of it ... just noticed it was Drudge Report "headline" then removed in like 30 minutes - Wikileaks: Stratfor bosses thought Osama bin Laden body was flown to US - Telegraph Leaked: Bin Laden not buried at sea, body moved on CIA plane to US - RT WikiLeaks publishes...
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    Amendment II If By Sea On May 11, the Washington Times reported on congressional testimony in support of arming merchant mariners to allow them to defend their crew and ships from pirate attacks.
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    Arming Sailors: Gun-free zones are dangerous at sea Somali pirates attacked a U.S. vessel and captured a Dutch ship on Thursday. These raids could be prevented if merchant mariners had guns and could defend their ships.
1-7 of 7 Results