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  1. The Appleseed Project
    I just signed-up to work the shoot on April 26/27 2014, (as IIT) The line should fill-up fast the Saratoga shoot is always full! This is something I really enjoy Volunteering my time for helping new and maybe not so new shooters!! And the History of the battles of Lexington and Concord April 19...
  2. Shooting Ranges
    As some on this forum know Sara Spa has reopen there membership to those on the waiting-list. There is now a required NRA SAFETY CLASS for all new members! Some may be exempt (NRA Firearms instructor is an example) Most will not Hunter Safety/ Handgun Safety class not!! As one of the clubs NRA...
  3. Shooting Ranges
    I just got an invite to join there and it seems nice from the pics anyway. Does anyone know how they are on using steel targets instead of paper? I hate not being able to tell if I hit my target, that ping sound is real nice. And is the 24 hour range good for pistol or rifle only? Thanks.
  4. The Appleseed Project
    I felt I was shooting pretty good yesterday hope it's not a washout today! WE got lucky the rain would stop or slow down when we were changing targets, Now to take some Advil and get reaady for day 2, 40 round 4min AQT's
  5. Shooting Ranges
    This SATURDAY 9 to 2pm ranges closed just in case members didn't see it on the web site or get an e-mail hope to see you there maybe meet some of you I see here, The more that show up the more we can get done thanks Jamie
  6. Shooting Ranges
    Saturday Sept 10 2011 9am / 3pm 170 Porter Corners Rd Greenfild Ctr NY just off Rt 9N North of Saratoga Springs. Ive been a member for 6 years nice place to shoot nice people to shoot with Check us out
  7. Shooting Ranges
    I've looked at a few ranges and I think I'm leaning towards the Sara Spa rod and gun club. Anyone have any opinions on it?
1-7 of 7 Results