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  1. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    hey everyone, Looking for a scope for the upcoming deer season and came across this..... Nikon ProStaff 2-7x32 BDC Rifle Scope - Dick's Sporting Goods Hunting deer with a Mossberg 500 and Hornady Sabots Read some reviews online but just wondering what people on here know about this scope...
  2. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    Wow, I was helping son-in-law sight in his 870 w/rifled barrel, one of those expensive rounds went "pop" instead of "bang". Hope that doesn't happen when he sees a nice deer! "on sale" at Dick's, only $2 per round instead of the usual $3.
  3. Shotguns
    So I took my new/used rifled barreled slug gun out to the range this weekend and fired about 6 rounds out of it with a few different sabot brands. When i got home to clean it I was surprised at how dirty the barrel was ( this is a bolt action 12ga ) Asisde from the usual black grime there were...
  4. Shotguns
    My question is.. can I shoot Sabot Slugs out of a Rifled Barrel???? As of now All i have been shooting out of it was the Power-Shock Ball rifled Slugs By Federal.. If I can use Sabot too then i wouldnt be so limited to types of ammo... Wish i could find a Turkey barrel :-\
1-4 of 4 Results