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  1. GunSpec
    We just received our CrossTac Armorer Mat and love it so we posted a quick overview ... From GunSpec Blog: CROSSTAC Pro Armorer Mat: Rugged Utilitarianism for the Range or Field by gspecadmin on May 30, 2012...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I am in need of a good wrist watch, something that is capable of a 24-hour clock (military time) and has a stop watch. Also, it needs to be waterproof and rugged in general. Any suggestions? I saw the G-Shock and the IronMan, both possible options, but what else is out there? Does anyone have...
  3. Blog Posts
    The Kalashnikov Rifle Without a doubt, you can not think of modern military small arms and not have the image of an AK-47 come to mind. For years, and still to this day, the AK was seen as a 'commie gun' or the rifle of terrorists and the proverbial 'bad guy'. But, today in America you are just...
1-3 of 3 Results