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  1. Rifles
    Considering getting one and unsure about the quality. It's just going to be a plinking rifle anyways in 357 but I prefer not to buy junk. I really wanted the 24" octagon barrel version but it holds 12 evil rounds. Considering the 20" octagon barrel version they have as it only holds 10...
  2. Rifles
    So what do you guys think of this gun? Anyone own this rifle? What cal, would you recommend with it? .410 and which .357 or .44(?)? Looking at that or a level action as my next rifle till I move. Wanted a 700 but I think I want something in the strange area.
  3. Rifles
    Cz info is here CZ-USA -> CZ 527 Carbine Its a 223 carbine 5 shot Bolt action, The trigger on this is about 3 lbs, and if i use the single set, it breaks at 1lb. Cant wait to get it out to shoot.' The rossi 44 mag has a 20" barrel and the EVIL tube holds 10 rounds, the model i got has an...
  4. Rifles
    Anyone own one? Thoughts? Ideas? Rants or raves? I hear good things about accuracy, bad about metal parts fitting. I'm thinking about one in .30-30. Will not buy a Remlin. I may consider a used Ct 336, but then you get the surprises of a used gun. No mossbergs. I don't like the safety or...
  5. Handguns
    Are Rossi revolvers any good? I've been thinking about getting a 44 magnum and was looking on slickguns for the hell of it and see these rossi's are incredibly cheap.. not sure if any of my local dealers carry them but are they worth considering?
  6. Rifles
    Does anyone have any coments on the Rossi Rio grande I am thinking about getting one after the holidays. I just wanted to know if anyone on here had one and how they liked it or disliked it. Dicks has 45-70s for under $500.
  7. Rifles
    I am looking into purchasing a Rossi R-92 lever action in .357 mag/.38 spc. Does anyone have any expierence with this rifle? I am looking for some good and fair comments on this rifle. Benefits of 20" vs 24" barrel and round barrel vs octagon. Any known negatives about the rifle or the...
  8. Rifles
    Hi guys. First time post on here. I am thinking of purchasing a Rossi circuit JUDGE (didn't know where to post this cuz its a 45lc/ ill call it a rifle) Anyone have one here? My main concern is the rifling in the barrel. And primary use would be 410 for small game and 45 for...
  9. General Firearms
    OK after much debate I purchase a Rossi .454 lever action. I was tossed between a marlin .44 mag the .454 or a straight up .45lc lever gun. The revolvers in the stable are (2) Raging Bulls (1) redhawk .44 and a vaquero .45 among others but wanted to match up. The combo will be my new boar guns...
  10. Rifles
    Hey, all! Does anyone here have experience with the Rossi single shot rifle, reliability and accuracy wise? I am contemplating the heavy barrel .223 model for use on woodchucks this year. The Rossi's price makes it very attractive, and I'm wondering if it will hold its own against the 'big...
  11. Rifles
    has anyone shot one of these yet? I have been looking for an inexpensive 223 rifle. A local sporting goods store has them for $259. they look nice just wondering how they shoot. I had an older rossi heavy barrel that was a tack driver.
  12. Rifles
    I bought a Rossi M92 in .357 a couple weeks ago. This past Saturday was really the first chance I had to shoot it without freezing my fingers. I have a bunch of .38 spl ammo that I use in my S&W 64. Mixed weights and bullet types because .38 spl is kind of hard to get so I would pretty much...
1-12 of 12 Results