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  1. Curios and Relics
    and it's safe act complaint, more than 50 years old!
  2. Rifles
    My search for a 9mm Carbine has not panned out as of today. I have been looking for a Ruger PC9 or a Marlin Camp9 in that order of preference. I am waiting to hear more about the 9mm M1 from Citadel. I suspect it may be a lower grade replica. I know nothing about the company. I believe...
  3. Rifles
    So I've been taking a look at the rifles I haven't shot in awhile with my slowly growing firearms knowledge thanks to this forum and my google-fu I have learned alot. Taking a recent look at my Enfield I noticed my bore looked dirty even though I know I had cleaned it. I used tons of gun cleaner...
  4. Rifles
    I have been building AR special calibers for several years and never had this situation before. One of the latest barrels I wanted to try a little company called the Blackhole weaponry and compare to some other high end barrels. To be honest I think that there are many good budget friendly...
  5. Rifles
    does anyone know of any other rifles semi or bolt with the same thread count for the muzzle break as the m1a. (I believe it is 595 not the 5/8-24) if not, is it relitivley easy to thread the end of a rifle barrel to accept a muzzle break? reason I am asking is I want to make my version of the...
  6. The AR-15
    I am somewhat new to shooting. I have a Remington 700 in .223cal. It is a varmint gun. I believe the rifling is 1 in 12. I am coming up with conflicting info from a few different sources in regards to the best ammo to put through it. A couple people have told me that heavier is better, like 55...
1-6 of 6 Results